Fencing For Everyone

By Miami Lakes Fencing Club


Fencing Sport

Fencing is a combat sport, where two opponents who face each other, must try to touch each other with a knife (but without the weapon having neither edge nor point; that is, it cannot cut nor prick with it), in function of which three modalities are differentiated: saber, sword and foil. The word comes from the verb “esgrimir,” and this in turn from the Germanic verb skermjan, which means to repair or protect. The opponents are called “fencers”. When a shooter is “touched” by the weapon (in French “touché”), the opponent receives one point. A referee can say touché to refer to a touch using, for example, the French term for “no point”, which is “pas de touché “. Fencing requires not only physical but also mental endurance. When training in the sport of fencing, you are working both your mind and body, in addition to improving your focus, confidence, coordination and general health. We invite you to visit us at any time to see or participate , everyone 8 to 88 is welcome! Kids can learn to master a sport that could lead to college scholarships and national and international competition, and adults can participate in a unique fitness program that provides a challenge at all levels (and can compete nationally and internationally as well)! We are preparing our athletes to be successful in the sport of fencing and we are achieving it!




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